I can not send media directly to the timeline

I can not send media directly to the timeline.

When I’m on the timeline I can not add these media types:
"Audio, Flash, Image, Pdf, PowerPoint, Video"
I click on these options and nothing happens. In others it works normally.

Note The media that I have previously added I can enter by the “Library” option.

From the Media menu, I can send normally, the error only occurs when I try to send directly in the timeline editing screen.


  • Shared Hosting Hostgator.
  • CMS 1.8.1.
  • Manual installation “Without Docker”.

On my own server (Manual installation) it works without problems. Probably has something to do with shared hosting.

Strange, in the previous version 1.7 it worked normally.

In your other topic you said that you have 1.7 CMS, which one is it then?

As I mentioned in your other topic, Xibo is not really suitable for shared hosting and 1.8 series even less so.

I’d suggest 1.7.9 CMS and 1.7R63 if you want to continue using that hosting, as you will most likely not be able to get the XMR running properly anyway.

So, I created this topic because they are different issues.

I am currently testing the latest versions of the android player and cms.

The only problem I’m experiencing in this configuration are some media add buttons that are not working on the timeline,

And these xmr error logs that keep coming up constantly.

Apparently I did not encounter any other problems.

I would like to know if these logs can cause some other problem, such as a giant file over time, or slowness, etc.

If so, how to disable this particular log or all logs if this is the best option.