I am testing Xibo and have few issues with it while testing

I am testing Xibo as a potential signage display system in our company and want to publish display to about 20 screens around the globe.

I have number of issues which I cannot resolve;

  1. Layout doesn’t change on the windows client even after making it as a default layout and removing the previous one from all the schedules

  2. I cannot get multiple clocks for multiple timezone. As we are a global company and offices all around the world, I cannot get Indian time to be displayed in UK along with the current UK time in 1 layout on one screen.

  3. I cannot get some internal web reports to be displayed on the layout. I can see the layout but the report appears to be blank.

I need to get this done and really need it to work. Please help…!!


Just to clarify:
CMS/client in version 1.7.7?

  1. The default layout does not need to be scheduled.
    Any changes etc should be picked up by the player when it connects to the CMS each collection interval. If you have some really long durations on your layouts it may cause delays.

  2. Actually you can, you can adjust the ‘offset’ for clock module when you edit it, like:

    So in that example it will show time one hour earlier than it actually is in your timezone.

  3. Does it require you to be logged in to see that report?

Hi Peter,

Many Thanks for your response.

No. 2 worked… I’m glad that is out of the way.

No.1 Still doesn’t publish the layout even after restarting the display. Some reason, the previous layout has gone and now its just idle without any display even when I’ve set the default layout to the display.

No.3 Yes, The reports need sign on.


  1. hmm perhaps there is something wrong with your layout? We’d need to see status screen to confirm that (press “i” on your keyboard to show status screen while Xibo for Windows is focused)

  2. Great.

  3. Then that might be a problem, I assume there is not user/pass in the URL? That would work
    Is it possible to generate some publicly accessible link? (similar to google calendar for example)

Hi Peter,

Apologies for late response.

  1. Layout is perfect, is it probably because it has more contents and videos it takes time to load on the display?

  2. The reporting started working somehow. I don’t know what happened there. I’ll try some other reports to display and come back with some feedback.

Many Thanks

  1. That is possible as the layout will not begin to play until all of the content (files) it needs has been downloaded to the player.

Hi Peter,

Below is the screenshot for the logs I get when changing the display. It keeps failing but after few hours or a day the display automatically changes. I am sure its not the content as I tried that with just a text saying “We are all going to die” and that too took about a day to display.

Hi, I work with Alok and I’m helping to test Xibo. He is pushing the displays out to my laptop and I wanted to add a point here:

  • It looks like the display tries to refresh about every 3 mins or so because it goes all white for a split second, but the new image isn’t displayed

Thanks guys!
-Chris C.

Is that the longest duration on your layout? If so then that would make sense.

So player connects to the CMS each collection interval (setting in display profile), then download updated content/schedule. If you do make changes to the layout that’s currently being displayed on your screen, then after collection interval+layout duration it should show the updated layout.

mmm could you please check if you have fully qualified path to your CMS library in your CMS settings?
‘Library location’ section of this post https://community.xibo.org.uk/t/xibo-cms-post-installation-setup-guide/522/3

Other than that what’s the durations on your layout?