Huge database backup due to log files

Hi all

So I was looking to do a backup of my Xibo sql database, I started to export the database thinking it would take 5 minutes or so however I’m sat here an hour later with it still unfinished. Taking a look at the database I could see that the log part of the database is using 4.6 GB (see image)

Is there a way I can clear the logs and stop them from getting this large again? It makes backing up the database incredibly slow and I have no use for them.


Hi Sam,

The log file that big could be created if you have debugging enabled, or if you don’t have the maintenance process clearing the table so you can look into this to help you with the size of log file in the future.
For now you can truncate the log table safely.

Also in the future, you can try to set up automatic daily/weekly backups that should help too (and You will not have to remember about making them manually)
If you’d like you can read a bit more about it here, at the very end of this post, there is backups section.

Best Wishes,
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