Https vs Docker on v1.8.5

I use Xibo CMS v1.8.5 with docker on RedHat 7.4.
What is the best and the quickest way to use https(not http).
It would be cool, if you can provide some small manual.
Thanks for reply!

You put a reverse proxy infront of the web container.

There’s a basic example with letsencrypt in the guide here:

Alternatively you can run something like GitHub - nginx-proxy/nginx-proxy: Automated nginx proxy for Docker containers using docker-gen or if you want to run everything inside Docker.

Ok. Thanks.
Everything is working, but there is a problem:
I can’t connect to CMS from android client via https://hostname (but in browser i successfully open this address)
How can I fix this problem?

Without seeing the server it’s hard to guess, but run it though SSL Labs. That should give you an idea as to why it’s not working.

Likely issues are that your SSL cyper suites are too restrictive, or your haven’t installed your intermediate certificates properly.

Hmm. It is a hard situation for me:
I have private segment and certificates for it. So in browser I only add exception for CMS site.
And for android client I use Xiomi MiBOX3 and it can’t import certificates(some strange bug)
So is there a way to ignore check SSL for Android client?

No you can’t. You’ll need a proper valid certificate, or you’ll need to import your private CA in to the Android device for it to validate the certificate that way.

It’s not possible to ignore invalid certificates I’m afraid.