HTTP Command in windows doesnt work

CMS 3.3.0
Windows Player R306.2-306 (windows10)


Following this guide:
Interactive Action Guide: Send trigger code from one player to another - Guides - Xibo Community

The layout for the touch enabled device that triggers the Shell HTTP command doesn’t work in windows.
the HTTP commands doesn’t triggered.

the same layout on Android - works well…

The windows Player is set to enable Shell Commands in display settings.

Any idea?

HI levynger.

I have been testing the player to player trigger guide setup and it is working for me without issue. There are a few potential causes of your issue so I would like to troubleshoot this in stages.

The first thing to do is upgrade your Windows player. I used the latest release for my test, which is R307. Can you upgrade to this version so we are testing on the same version?

Next I would like to see if your trigger code is working. Please schedule the layout with the trigger to your Windows player, but not as the default layout. It must be scheduled as an event to avoid a known issue. Can you also export that layout and provide a link for me to download it in a private message, so I can also test it at the same time on my player?

Next please can you send the trigger code for the action in your layout from your CMS, to see if this works?

You will need to make sure XMR is working on your Windows player or the trigger will not work. You can test XMR by requesting a screenshot from your player. If you receive it immediately then XMR is working. If you do not then you will need to resolve that before you can send the trigger code.

If the trigger code is working when you send it from your CMS, next you should make sure that the displays are on the same network, so they can communicate with each other. If they can communicate, please make sure that the internal IP address and port you have entered into your command is correct.

I will wait to hear the results of the above tests and also for a copy of your layouts so I can test them for myself.

Many Thanks.

Thanks Dan. Downloaded R307, and installed - i got the same results…

so i have 2 Layouts, for each player.
LED layout with Multiple videos with Webhook triggers in the drawer.
and Touch Panel Layout - this is the one that doesn’t work in windows.
Layouts are scheduled, i already faced default layout interactivity issue.

the touch layout has few regions with Shell Command for HTTP POST to the LED Layout (on another player)

the Touch Layout works on android touch screen and not in windows.
the LED player is also windows, and receives the triggers from Android only…

the Windows player for Shell command doesn’t seems to send these commands…
all on the same network of course.

Link to the exported touch layout

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