Html5 from google web designer


I’ve tried to test a basic html5 animation (black rectangle appearing on the top of the page) done with google web designer, in order to see if I could do some basic animations on top of an image background.

I’ve made a really basic htlm page here : (beware of adblock, ghostery and likes, they tend to block it).

I’ve then tried it on with no success on :

  • a windows client
  • a cyanogenmod 11 galaxy note 2 (android 4.4.4)
  • a minix x7 mini (android 4.2)

I’m a bit surprised by the fact that the kitkat android device does not show it as I’ve read it should be better at handling html5.

Do you see any reason why it doesn’t work ?


Windows Player will need you to have IE11 installed and then follow the FAQ on enabling HTML5 content:

I’m not sure why it wouldn’t work on the Android devices. There’s alot of code in there though for something simple. Some served over HTTP, some over HTTPS so it could easily be a browser security issue or something.

Try it in the Browser on the Android device (Android’s Browser not Chrome for Android) and see if it works there first.

I tried loading the Google Web Designer website - the animations on which are created in Web Designer apparently - and they run OK here on a Minix X7mini running Android 4.4, as does your example. I’m adding them to Xibo as a webpage media type in Open Natively mode.

Hi Alex and thanks for the long answer !

Just a quick update : I tested further on the kitkat android, and it could be that I missed something on my first tests : the animation loads on the first time the page is shown. Then, it takes a long time (it alternates with a rss ticker item on the same region) before the rectangle shows again (I haven’t detected a pattern yet).

When I’ll have time, I’ll test more on the minix device as it’s the one that really matters (the galaxy note is just for fun, while also useful as it’s kitkat on it).


You might try upgrading the Minix to the latest firmware (Android 4.4 based). They ship with Android 4.2 Jellybean (or used to certainly).

That should improve it’s playback of HTML content.

Sorry to refresh this thread. I’m new to Xibo and am trying to display the HTML5 generated from Google Web Designer too. I’ve tried adding as a “webpage” media type, but not sure what I should be using as the “Link”. I’ve tried adding the html page to the media library. Could you give me a few tips on adding the page as a “webpage”? Is there a better way to display the HTML5 code generated by Google Web Designer? Thanks for your help.