HTML Table with Javascript

Hi all,

I tried to add some javascript functionalities to a html table created from the dataset which it has 5 columns and number of rows it’s not fixed. I added the script in the advanced options of edit data view, “Enter a style sheet for the table” but I think that it is not the right place because there is only css code. If someone can help me. Thank you!

I found where Peter said to put that script but there from what I understand I have to create the table manually. I want to put a script for a table that is created dynamically from a dataset using dataset view and that functionalities. Is this possible?

We do not have any way to add custom javascript to the datasetview widget at the moment - we can add that functionality in a later release.

At the moment the only way to do what you want would be to design your own custom module which includes the javascript - or indeed fork the project and work on the module to add a box to enter JavaScript.

I understand. I’m a beginner at programming but I’ll try to have a look and to do this. Is not a little bit similar like it is in the embedded part? There javascript applies to a static table and here it will apply to a table that comes from the dataset. What I want to say is that the option to customise the table with CSS is present in both sides.
Another question is where is the php code that makes the table from the dataset? Maybe I can put some lines of javascript code there.
Thanks for your time!