How to use "Use Library Duration"?


I’m using xibo-cms2.0.4 .
And I want to use library media duration when using image widget (at playlist, layout etc… ).

I found how to set it at this communitiy.
So I found setting “Use Library Duration ?” and checked it.

After that,I made playlist and set image widget and added the media from library.
I expected that the duration of that image widget is choiced library media’s it.
but this value is image widget’s it.

Am I forgetting somthing about that?

(Sorry for lack of English skill.)

Thank you for your message and welcome to the Community!

I have been looking into the issue you described and I have also found that the default widget duration is being used instead of the duration that the item has in the Library. I have created an issue report for the development team so they can investigate this further. For reference, here is a link to that report:

If the development team discover that this is the result of a bug, they will fix the issue in a future release of Xibo CMS. If this is not a bug and there is a solution to this issue, I will update this post as soon as I have more information.

Many Thanks.

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