How to turn off statistics in XIBO for good

We discussed elsewhere getting non migratable XIbo databases because due to cummulating stats table in the database, data base file xize exceeds rapid famous 250 Mb exceeding PHP-admin capabilities. How ever , solution: you empty the stats table very frequent or disable stat logging.
However unchecking stats in XIBO itself will not disable logging. Can this be fixed?

It should - if you turn off “enable stats” in the Display settings profiles for all Displays, then stats will no-longer be collected or sent.

Alternatively you make sure you are running maintenance which deletes stats records (oldest first) after a period of time.

Well if unchecking would do the job, I would not have posted the problem.
I am aware there is something like maintenance, but no idea how it is functioning. I do manual maintenance now by PHP-admin.

Unticking the box does disable collection of new statistics. If the Players have a backlog of statistics queued, they will be sent before the stream is turned off.

You must configure maintenance. I’ve directed you to the documentation for this before. It’s in the CMS Post Installation Guide which is stickied on the front page of the Community site.

Will be close watching it. Configured maintenance today. We didnt need to before as we used a decicated XIBO hoster before, probably they had maintenance configured on theirs. If this is backlog it is quite long, I was until now manual emptying stats of 3 day accumulated again whilst ticked off.

Thank you Alex

If that doesn’t stop it, then it could either be the Player version you’re
running is too old to have that setting, or the display profile you’ve
changed isn’t the one assigned to the displays.

Which player versions are concerned?. We are using android Minix X8H’s overhere
Android clients haven’t been upgraded over a year. Still using a white client version supplied from our dedicated XIBO hoster who run 1.7.1. CMS for most of the time.

For the Android Player, you need to be running at least 1.7 R56 (which is 6 versions behind current, so I’d recommend bringing yourself up to R61). You need at least CMS version 1.7.5 to have the option to turn stats off for Android Players. Again, if you’re not running 1.7.8, then I’d recommend you upgrade to that.

For the Windows Player, I think all 1.7 versions support that flag in principle. It’s possible it’s an old bug that’s slipped my mind. You could upgrade to a standard 1.7.8 Player and see if that resolves the issue.

To be clear, your previous hoster produced a white label Windows Player for you? Or a white label Android player?

We got their white client andoid players when we bought our licences with them. No change in version since june 2015. We are on .1.7.8 as from last week as reported elsewhere. We had problems when trying to migrate from 1.7.4 with a too big database (due to cummulated statitistic records)

If you’re running an Android Player from that long ago, it’s very likely it doesn’t have support for turning statistics off. You would need to upgrade the Player version to allow that.