How to show PowerPoint

Hello Dan

I have appreciated for the attached URL. I am still a learning curve for a great tool and easy access for each module. This is a new (PowerPoint Configuration) to me as well.

Changed the subject (PowerPoint):

Based on PowerPoint configuration indicated by URL, only Office 2010 PowerPoint could be uploaded as Video Module of CMS. Any PowerPoint file made before Office 210 version cannot be uploaded as Video Module. Am I understanding it correct? If yes, how do I play old PowerPoint material with other image (second zone) in total layout in CMS installation?

“Note also that Xibo will not advance the slides in a Presentation, so you should record automatic slide timings by going to “Slide Show -> Rehearse Timings” and then saving the presentation._”

Should I record the Video based on above comment?


Open your Presentation in a version of PowerPoint 2010 or later (2013 will work) and then export it as a video. You can then upload it as a video in to the CMS.

Alternatively you can install PowerPoint on all your Windows Players and configure that per the FAQ article on that and then upload the PowerPoint files to the CMS directly. We strongly recommend converting to videos though as it’s cheaper (no PowerPoint required on each Player) and it’s more reliable.

Hi Alex,

I appreciated for clarification. I agree that player does not need to get extra PowerPoint features.
I got Microsoft 2003 version (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and etc) which is old. I might update Microsoft 2010 later version on PC.