How to separate more than one "Allowed" Shell command?

I need to run batchfile1.bat and batchfile2.bat at different times, what separation character do I use to add both commands to the “Shell Command Allow List”???

You will want to use most likely && between commands

I believe that’s the way to do it in cmd on Windows, so it should be fine via shell command in Xibo too.

In 1.8 series there is also ‘Launch the command via Windows Command Line’ checkbox, which will most definitely work, but I suppose it should work in 1.7 as well.

not exactly what I was looking for… I have two different commands that I need to add to the display’s “Allowed Shell Commands”… what separation character does the CMS use to separate the “Allowed” commands?

I believe it’s a comma.

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This is exactly what I wanted and thank you for showing me it was available on github to look the the cs file for the function… I may not need the forum as much now.

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