How to rotate the screen in Xibo?

I’m using 1.7 xipo R57, I want to rotate the screen from vertical to horizontal. Can you help me, please?
For example, i want to rotate this vetical screen to horizontal one

Your device needs to support screen rotation (not all devices supports it, some needs specific firmware, some does not support it at all)

If it does support it, then you can create portrait layout in Xibo, portrait display profile (display settings page -> create new display profile, on location tab put the portrait resolution for example 1080x1920) and assign it to your device.

If you device will be in portrait orientation with portrait display profile and portrait layout in Xibo, it should work fine.

Which firmware can support screen rotation?

That would depend on the device.

What android device do you have? (mark, model etc)

I’m using CMS version 1.7.5, android 4.2.2 and running on Xibo browser.

I’m using Minix Neo x5

As far as I know x5 does not support screen rotation.

Thank Peter supports