How to repeat playing video on xibo?

How to repeat playing video on xibo?

If video is the only item on your layout, then when it’s durations end whole layout will reload.
If you have more regions, then video should loop automatically if it’s not the longest running region.

You can also specify the duration of the video and set it to loop if needed.

hello Peter,
I tried that but it did not work. My video is of length 4 min, i specified its length and i tried to play it repeatedly for three hours but video is not going in loop even if loop option is selected.Please suggest me other methods too if you have.

What CMS version and player version are you using please?

If that video is the only content on your layout, you can either leave it at duration 0 (auto detect video length) once it ends, layout will reload and video will start again.

Alternatively you can specify longer duration for the widget and tick the loop on the video widget, which should work as well.

ie you set it to 4 minutes? Or did you set longer duration?

What happens then, when the video ends?

I am using xibo-cms-1.7.1.

no my video clip length is 4 minutes and i set its duration 1 hour and ticked on loop video option but when once the video is ended then the loop not resumed. Here is video portion circled by red pen on the picture(the whole layout i created).video stopped and not gone in loop even its duration is made 4 hours or 5 hours.