How to remotely access xibo client

need some help regarding how to make client server connection

There are quite a few possible solutions (vncserver, teamviewer etc.)

Is it regarding Windows or Android device?

We are using VNC as Teamviewer as well. With VNC you can “silently” take over the screen, without anyone noticing it.

This all is configured on Windows machines.

It is Windows one and i want to know how to change the layout settings in xibo dot net client it always run the default layout on which it is configured

The Player will show whatever layouts you schedule to it. If your layouts aren’t being shown, then it’s likely that your layouts aren’t valid.

That’s covered in our FAQ here:

If you are using android, you can install SSH client on it and then NAT the port.

Hello, I have xibo on android client, and i would like use a vnc client on my Windows machine to control xibo client.
Have you got an application vnc server tu use on android ?


There are a few different VNC server applications in the Play store for Android devices. Some require root access. You would need to try them and see which work on your hardware. There is also Webkey ( which may be an alternative for you.

Hello, thanks for your answer.
I can’t use because my proxy block this.
On the playstore i find Droid VNC and Vnc server but they are old and they don’t work for me.
I use a box android 5.1 with root access, can you say me 2 or 3 app vnc server that i can test ?


I only know of the ones in the Play store I’m afraid. I know they don’t all work with newer Android versions. If that case, you may have to look at getting webkey working with your proxy.