How to modify line height in text editor

Is it possible to modify the line height? if your entering text and user hits the height between lines is ENORMOUS. there has to be a way to modify this setting.
Any ideas?
It’s like a double line feed as apposed to the drop down in word wrap. Problem is formatting text inside the viewable area can be challenging sometimes necessitating adding multiple regions just to get one paragraph to fit properly. If the user could adjust the line height it would make formatting a lot easier

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Shift+Enter will drop a single line. Enter alone starts a new paragraph. It’s pretty standard behavior for WYSIWYG HTML editors

OK, that worked. “The rest of us” didn’t know that.


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The manual links you to the CKeditor user manual which explains all the options that software has.

for anyone else that has other users who are not programers

i fixed the issue by modifying my text-form-edit.twig on line 133 file to

{% set helpText %}{% trans “Shift+Enter for normal line feed
Enter for Paragraph line feed
Enter the text to display. Please note that the background colour has automatically coloured to your layout background colour.” %}{% endset %}

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I think you’ll find it’s much more widely ‘normal’ than you appreciate. It certainly that way in WordPress, Facebook and Google Sites for example. Your additional text will no doubt be useful to people using your CMS however.

Yep Works a treat.

already had 4 people send me emails telling me Thanks!
Maybe you should try it?

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