How to make web page refresh and play continuously

We have classroom calendar digital screens outside of all of our classrooms. We’ve been using Visix and having it point to a web calendar, refreshing every so many minutes, but it never changes the URL or layout.

I can’t seem to get how Xibo does this. I’ve read here that the Repeat function should not be used to ‘refresh’ as its function is for doing things like every 3rd day, etc. but can y’all tell me how I can have the layout refresh every 30 minutes, but continue on the same display forever (or close to forever :)??


Perhaps have a look here Understanding Media Duration and how it affects the playback of a Layout

So if your layout is let’s say 30min long - ie the region with the longest duration on your layout is 30min.
Layout will reload each 30min.

Now, if you want your display to show the same layout, you can either set it as default layout and don’t schedule anything - we don’t recommend it, default layout should be something very simple, not often changed so it can be displayed when there are problems with scheduled layouts (or they are being downloaded etc).

What you perhaps should do is schedule an event on Schedule page in CMS.
With end date far into the future, without repeat.