How to make RSS Feed to work

CMS version 3.0.8
Player: 3.307
RSS Feed: Handelsblatt Online - Politik

I tried, reading articles here on displaying RSS feed, but none is working. I keep getting “No Data return from source” any idea on how i could make this work?
Thanks in advance!

Not sure what you are trying but it works like a charm!

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Hi Vishal, thanks for trying. Did you configure anything else beside the “configuration” tab?

Hi Akram. You will also need to configure the Appearance and Templates tabs as well. The Templates tab is where you will choose a preset, which will determine which elements are returned from your feed. You can also choose to tick the Override button so you can customise the template and choose your own elements.

For example, I choose a preset and then tick the override button. Now I click Template again and this time choose the Main option. If I set visual editor to On I can click on the preview region on the left and format the widget however I want:

The bracketed elements in blue are the elements I want to return from the feed. The green text is just text to highlight where each element is being returned:

If you would like a copy of this layout so you can modify it, just let me know and I will send you a link in a private message.

Many Thanks.

Hello Dan,

Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately, its still not working. I suspect that something is blocking access which is weird because I have no issues viewing a webpage from Xibo. Maybe you can send me a copy of this layout just for me to confirm that its something to do with my network. Thanks in advance!

This is an update on this post to confirm that after troubleshooting the issue further, there is a timeout error being returned when the feed data is requested by the CMS. This is being investigated to locate the cause of this timeout.

In case any other users find themselves with a similar issue, you may find that recording Report Fault/ troubleshoot logs in your CMS while accessing the Ticker widget in your layout will provide some logs that may help explain what is stopping the data from being received from the feed.

Many Thanks.

Thanks again Dan for you awesome assistance!

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