How to install xibo cms 2.0.0 in wamp server or xamp server

** Hello from Arun,

I am trying to install the xibo cms version 2.0.0 in wamp server in my local computer **
But it is not installed. already i have the xibo cms version 1.7.5 its working fine.
Please let me know how can i install the xibo cms 2.0.0 in my local computer wamp server.


here is my Howto to install Xibo on a Xampp Server.

Its in german, but the Google Translator help you to translate in the every language you want.

Greetings Torsten

Hi SteitzTo,

Thank you so much for your huge support for me.

But that pdf language is more differ from US English.

So i unable to learn,If you having US english pdf Please send it.

Thanks once again

Hi Arun

Here in this Forum and in the Web, there are lots of How-Tow’s how to install in englisch. So, its not neccesarry to translate my how-to.

Greetings Torsten

Hi SteitzTo

Greeting the day
Thank you so much…

Arunkumar .P