How to: If no Internal Image display:none?

I have one of my columns in my dataset set to “Internal Image”.

The problem is, not EVERY item has an image. When there is no image, it simple displays the text [image|36]

How do I basically set it up so that if there is an image, display it. If not, display none?

(Not sure it matters, but I am uploading my datasets via CSV)

What CMS version are you using please?

Well actually if you’re using library image (internal) then that would suggest 1.8 series, as 1.7 only supported the external images in dataSets.

I’m not sure why would it display the


as string, it should work as you expect ie if there is an image in any given row then show the image if there is no image set then do not show anything.

I can have a look at your .csv file if you’d like please send it to me via private message.

Yes it is 1.8. I’m actually not sure how to PM in this forum? I can’t seem to find a “send message” link or button anywhere? I am new, perhaps this is the cause? Or I’m an imbecile. One of the two.

Discussed via PM, bug confirmed and logged here