How to execute a layout campain in a loop

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New here and already a question

How to execute a layout campain in a loop ?

That means for example : if the campain contains layouts 1, 2 and 3, displaying layout1 for 10 sec., layout2 for 15 sec., layout3 for 5 sec., then back to beginning displaying layout1 for 10 sec., etc.

So if you create a campaign, assign your 3 layouts to it and then schedule it to display on your device for lets say an hour it will loop exactly as you described ie - layout 1 layout 2 layout 3 (the same order as in the campaign) then back to layout 1 and so on till (in this example) 1 hours will elapse.

I tried what you said, but Display keeps on displaying Default layout

Maybe I made something wrong

Thanks for your answer, I’ll come back to you next monday

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Perhaps there is something wrong with your layouts or client <-> cms connection.

If you could tell me what CMS / client version are you using and perhaps show us a screenshot of status window on your client.

Hi to all,

Problem came from Display refresh time : it had its default value of 900 s. and so I didn’t see any change.

I defined it to 30 s. and things go better !

I haven’t any other questions for now : slight_smile:

Thanks for help

So with 900s collection interval, when there was some connection issue everything was delayed for next 15min, with 30s collection interval even if there is something wrong (ie one connection would fail) then next attempt is only 30s away so it might be better overall.

I’m glad it’s fine now.