How to embed a online(website) video streaming into a digital signage display

I am working on Xibo Client 1.6 on Ubuntu.
According to my Project Requirement,I have to embed only the video part from this link and display it on my digital signage display.
Please help me on this.

Thanks in advance

If the owner of this stream allows embedding the content on other websites, then there should be for example an iframe code available which you could use to embed it.

If there is no such code available, then it most likely means that you’re not allowed to embed it on external webpages.

You could you webpage module with manual position then adjust the size and offset to show the video portion of the webpage - I do not remember, but I assume that module was available in 1.6 series as well.

That being said, 1.6 series is really old and linux client is no longer supported as well.
While we do have plans for new cross-platform player, currently there are only Windows and Android clients supported in more recent series (1.7 & 1.8).

Thanks a lot Peter.
It worked. I am able to embed that video by putting the iframe code in the webpage section .


I’m glad to hear that!

Thanks once again,Peter.:slight_smile: