How to display video using "Local Video" in Layout

I am using Windows 2012 R2 for CMS & Windows8.1 for client. Please let me the where should I place the .mp4 file whether at CMS server or client side & sample of the video path I should be using.

If you’re using the LocalVideo module then it’s up to you to copy the video files on to the Player machine.

The path you put in there is then the full path on the hard drive of the Player - for example c:\myvideo\video1.mp4

You must ensure that the video file is there before you schedule the layout using those files as the Player will not be able to retrieve the video from the CMS for you.

If you want the CMS to distribute the video for you then you should use the Video module and upload your video in to the CMS. Xibo will then take care of distributing the video to the Players for you.

I followed your advice, but my windows viewer does not disclose video content.

my lab is composed of:
1 server (virtual machine)
Ubuntu 14.04
2 GB of RAM
100 GB of RAM
so I installed on the server version 1.8 of XIBO.

For the client part we have:
1 virtual machine
windows 10 company
2 GB of RAM
60 GB of RAM
on which I installed xibo client 1.8

Now my problem is that the windows client can not play the videos properly even when I import a video locally in a layout as you explained, but my client can not display.

I am asking you for help so that I solve my problem.

Xibo doesn’t play videos directly. It uses Windows Media Player to do that. Please ensure you have it installed, and that your video can be played there. Note Windows Media Player is not VLC or Windows Media Player Classic or any other application.

thank you for your reply.

Bonjour j ai même souci mon lecteur est sous androïd comment je doit procède j ai bien importer la video avec le cms

Can you confirm that you have added the video to a Layout using the Video Widget?

I am happy to test the video on my setup if you can send me a download link in a private message.

Many Thanks.