How to display media in list format?

In version v4 of cms I can no longer view media in list format, now it is only displayed in Thumballs.

This format (thumbil) takes up a lot of space and the media name is cut off, not to mention that in some cases the thumbnail does not appear, as is the case with my videos in AVI format.

These videos are also presenting a preview problem that I’m addressing in another post.

Maybe this is the same reason why the thumbnails of these videos are not displayed.

01 - It is possible to view in list mode? List mode would be a great option.

02 - It is possible fix thumbnails display issue in this video format?

See videos that don’t display thumbnails:
Video 1:

Video 2:

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See my media list

i have the same question, is it possible to have a list of media instead of icon.
thank you

Hi, just so I am clear you would like to be able to have the option to see a list of named files in the toolbar rather than the name and thumbnail? The idea of having the thumbnail is to make it super clear to a user what they are selecting, where naming alone can be open to interpretation (in some cases).

If it is a case of having a ‘slimmed down view’ on that toolbar for easier selection of files then using the various filters will drill down the matches shown in those searches.