How to create custom module and install that

I have created module but when I install it shows error: ‘500 Internal Server Error’ => http://localhost/xibo/web/module/inst/dummy. Can you please tell where I’m doing wrong

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Welcome to the Xibo Community Forum SupriyaGavande :slight_smile:

It appears the CMS was not correctly installed as you should have web in the address.
It’s likely there’s a problem with your custom code so we advise that you put the CMS in to test mode (which is on the Settings page), and you should get more detailed error logs.

I created custom module followed by below link:

So, I have created ‘Test’ folder under the custom directory, created twig files test, test-edit, test-designer-javascript under ‘Test’ folder and test.json outside ‘Test’ folder.

So when I install that particular module and this error comes
POST 500 (Internal Server Error)

Where to do test mode in CMS settings page ?
Can you please elaborate in detail how to create custom module

Can you share your source code for the temp module? If the 500 error occurred only after your module installation, it’s likely there’s a syntax error in your module that’s causing the server to error out. I’ve run testbeds on localhost, so just confirm also that xibo was working on your local machine before you installed the module. Specifically check your PHP files and localhost log for where it’s breaking.

Xibo is working fine on my localhost.I can’t see this directory ‘http://localhost/xibo/web/module/inst/test’ . As I am new to Xibo, I just replicate the existing module of Image and followed this link too

As Nell says, Xibo is incorrectly installed. You should not have “web” in the URL you are using to access the CMS. The URL rewriting rules don’t expect that and that in itself will cause problems.

Please correctly install the CMS before attempting to do development work, either with Docker, or by following the installation guide, paying specific attention to the section on the required environment.

The “web” in the URL is coming when I created (as the link: ) test folder under custom directory \xampp\htdocs\xibo\custom\test but when I created twig files and json file under modules directory, created php file under \xampp\htdocs\xibo\lib\Widget but then too install is not working. Error is POST http://localhost/module/inst/test 500 (Internal Server Error). Can you please provide a link to create new module ?