How to create a custom rss feed in wordpress?

How to create a custom rss feed in wordpress?

I need this to display the news on the xibo rss ticker addon.

The native wordpress feed “” comes with a lot of information I don’t need, and it lacks the information I need.

I would like to create a feed in this format:

I tried to follow these instructions below without success:

I don’t know what else to do, I believe this feature is very important, but I haven’t found any instructions explaining how to do this.

Can someone help me?


I managed to solve it. Option 02 is correct.

The template name must start with “rss-” followed by “feedname.php”, but when calling it just use “feedname” in the url: “”.

I had given a name “rss-cpx-feed” and now I changed it to “rss-cpxfeed.php” and it worked.

The dash “-” in the feed name was getting in the way somehow.

Thanks to everyone who helped.

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