How to change fontsize in Ticker Content

I am trying to change the fontsize in the content on my RSS feed. I use custom overlay but I do not know how to change for examble fontsize. I know I should use optional style sheet but I don’t know what CSS I should use??

Any help here??
Thanks Ella

Edit Ticker,


Check override template and double click on any of the Available Substitutions depending on what you want to display from the feed

style as you deem fit from the editor (like basic ms words)

save and that should do…

Thanks that works for everything but Content !
I need to enlarge the content either to make it pick up the HTML from the rss source or to config it in the ticker.

Assuming this is still the same feed as the one we talked about yesterday.

It looks to me that you can strip <div></div> tags and you should have control over it.

So, Edit ticker → advanced tab → strip tags

Thanks that worked I just tried to strip <p></p> but that didn’t work, thanks again you saved this day as well… :slight_smile:

Hi, the player has been running smooth for more than two months now but all of a sudden the strip div tags seams to stop working ??
Any ideas??

Is it still the same feed and div is still in strip tags?

Were there any changes made to the feed itself or your Xibo installation?

It seems to be that with div in strip tags it should work as it was before ie you should have control over the content in text editor.

If you don’t see what could be wrong, please send me your layout via pm or let me know the rss feed url.