How to change Browser for the Xibo Player


how can I change the Browser which the Xibo Player for Windows Use?

Many Thanks

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The web browser used by the Xibo for Windows cannot be changed, my apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

A new Xibo for Windows Player is currently in development, which will use a webkit based browser. We do not currently have a set release date for the new Player, however we will post any new information on our Blog.

Many Thanks.

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There is something new here?

Hello, is there any update on this issue? I call it an issue because Internet Explorer is becoming more and more outdated for different reasons, css, html, youtube streaming, etc.

I am stumbling on a lot of technical issues using Internet Explorer. Furtermore, I truly believe rendering and streaming will be so much better by using Chrome or Firefox instead of IE. Thanks in advance.

Is webkit based browser released for Windows player? Any update? Lots of issues in displaying pages with built-in IE11.

Hi, I also have a lot of problems with the way IE displays pages.
If this continues I might need to search another Signage solution.
(Yes… I’m a paying user via SpringSignage)

We are also waiting for this option as we cannot use multiple websites in our signage atm with it being limited to IE view-ability.

Like others here, I’m having IE issues. Our calendar signage system is now complaining that we need a “modern browser that supports CSS Variables”. Honestly just pointing the client at Edge instead of IE would probably fix a number of issues without loading the client up with its own stand alone browser that would need to be maintained.

We’ve just hit this wall too,
our 3rd party tool is now actively blocking IE so I can no longer grab the Notices page I was using from it

Happy to Beta test any windows player updates that have an Edge or other browser as their default.

EDIT am now testing the Edge Beta from this post

Hi Xibo,

we are happy to see this long awaited update! :blush::blush::blush:

But is this release rgearded as stabled? We have installed the edge-based player on a few test-systems. Unfortunately the first thing we saw, were white ‘flashes’ (like white placeholders) prior the loading of images and after a image disappeared. Sometimes a clock disappeared - sometimes not. Based on these results, we are unable to use the new player in a production enviroment.

Is there a list with things that changed from IE to Edge?
Something like a better support of fonts or the possibility for transitions (fade in/out)???

So, thanks for the update. But those white flashes prior image loading prevents us from using it. Our default background is dark-grey and those white boxes are a no-go.

We had a number of people testing the edge browser support and didn’t receive any negative feedback - so it is troubling to hear that you have a load speed issue. The flashes of white will be occuring because the control has to be shown to cause it to render - same as with the IE control - and initially that means you get a “blank webpage”.

You mention that you’re seeing it before loading of images? Are you loading your images as web content then?

The best place to go for this is where they list out html/css/js features with their compatibiity by browser. Fundamentally the difference for Xibo is that we;re using the rendering engine from edge rather than the rendering engine from IE.

In terms of any other Xibo functionality - there are no changes between v2 R201 and v2-edge R201.

Hi Dan,

thank you for your answer! :slight_smile:

I did a short video, showing the problem, first the clock disappears, a few seconds later the date.
Than the white box (falsh) appears prior the image. Please ignore the wrong colors in the corners, thats form the remote connection.

With IE clock and date are always visible and the white box never shows.

This happens on all clients, up to our newest player hardware: Win10 1909, i7, 8GB RAM and 500GB SSD. No more recent Windows updates available.

Best regards

Hmm, that is odd. Are you able to export the layout and PM it to me? we can restore here and take a look.

I can recreate that white flash and it has be very confused at the moment. It actually appears to happen when the old control is removed, rather than when the new one is rendered.

I’m looking into various things and will get back to you when I have anything to try.

Could you try turning off Double Buffering in the Display Profile on the test player (or in Display Edit for the test player)?

Edit: after futher testing this does not seem to make any different.

Regretfully I think the solution might take longer to find than I had hoped. We shall keep working at it and let you know when there is something to try.

Hi Dan,

thanks for your work!

Our IE-based players work really good, for us this is no real problem - so far.
Of course, Edge is a future proof platform and we hope you can find a way to fix this. Please keep us informed.

Best regards

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We have changed our tack slightly and renewed our efforts to build a Windows Player based on WPF instead of WinForms. This represents a very positive step in terms of technology and we’ve been keen to do it for months.

I’ve also dropped the idea of edge in favour of Chrome (cef), which has much better bindings for WPF and supports transparency (making it a natural choice).

There is an early pre-release of this new Player here: if anyone would like to try it and feedback, it would be most appreciated.

Be warned it will replace any existing Player install!

Short Feedback from my Testsystem:
Xibo 1.8.13 with the R202pre-wpf Player
Windows 10 1709
Browser: IE 11.1504, Edge: 41.16299, Chrome: 79.0.3945

Countdown: Working
Weather: Working
Fonts: Working
Googel Maps: Working
RSS- Ticker: Working
Clocks: Working
Currencies: Working
Pictures: Working
Charts: Working
Datasets: Working
Progressbar in JS : Working
Video / Youtube: Working, but with issues:

Greetings from Germany

Hi there

I installed the player, and tested the page i need to run in xibo.
But the “error” remains, even though this should be using chrome.

Client: 2 R202 WPF R202
CMS: 2.2.2

Thank you for that testing!

EDIT: i’ve made some adjustments to the Player and run another build - you can download the MSI here, pick the latest one with -wpf- in the name.

This enables Chrome by default (no need to adjust settings) and tries to suppress script errors.

Are you just using an embedded YouTube?

Can you share this page with us for testing?

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