How is the weather?

Weather is like it is…

Testing the weather module in 1.8.RC2 with the api-key from darkSky and the correct koordinates of my home town.

Xibo Shows this:

When I look out my window, sky is Grey and it is raining. what a pitty!

this is, whar I see:

It’s hard to gauge the accuracy of a weather source by comparing two end products. I’d look into where Darksky is sourcing it’s data and get a number of other quality sources for your area.

A thing I noticed with Xibo/Darksky is your GPS coordinates which have to be set per client (unless all your signs in the Xibo installation are in the same building). When I forget the sign (negative vs positive) I end up in Siberia, use the Google Maps plugin simultaneously to “see” whether your location is accurate.

  • Are your time/date set correctly?