How i can solved this problem:zeroMQ



I assume that’s on-premise 1.8 series installation, in which case, you will need to install/enable zeroMQ and then configure XMR as described here - and then

Actually since you have /web in the CMS address, please have a look here first

As it seems that document root and url rewriting are not configured correctly.


Hello guys, Newbie here.

I have the same issue with ZeroMQ. Does the xibo will run properly without fixing the ZeroMQ? Also, is this for ubuntu server only? BTW, Im using xibo on my windows 10 workstation as a server for xibo.

Any related response will be appreciated.



Xibo runs without the ZeroMQ.

For Windows 10 Workstation as Server you can read my How-To here:

Ok its in german, but you can use the Googel Translator to translate it in any Langueage you need.

Greetings Torsten


Hello SteitzTo,

Thank you for the response and for xibo Installation Manual.


You’re welcome. I hope it helps. If not, feel free to write me a message.