How do I setup transparent touch triggers

Hey all,

I’ve been trying to setup a touchscreen wayfinding interface. I have figured out how to switch between layouts with a touch, but only whole screen touch. All of my attempts to setup triggers tied to individual elements have failed. What am I missing? Is this something that is even possible?


HI Matt_R, welcome to the community!

What CMS version are you using? You can find this out on the login page for your CMS, under the Password field.

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Thanks for the quick reply!! I am using the cloud CMS version 4.0.6.

Thanks for your reply too Matt_R!

Elements do not allow you to set all actions on them, which may explain why you are having some trouble with your touch events being set to the entire screen. I also see in the title of your post you want these touch triggers to be transparent.

I would recommend trying the Embed widget in your layout, as it is transparent by default and does not have to contain anything.
I created a test layout to demonstrate how to do that.

You can see here that I have added the embed widget to my layout, which is just a transparent box. I can go to the Actions tab and configure an action that will use that embed widget as a trigger point:

You can see in the above screenshot on the right that I have set the trigger and the target to the zone/embedded widget. I have also entered the layout code that will display when someone clicks that area of the layout.

Does this provide a solution for your use case?

Please note that embed widgets are rendered as a browser item, so you may find this solution has a limit, as it will require more resources to render a high number of embed widgets in a single layout.
I’d also like to share that there are further improvements to the actions functionality in version 4, so you may find an alternative solution is available in a future release.

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That was the solution that I had found too, but I am still having a problem getting the “buttons” to do anything. I have the embeds on top of a fullscreen image, do they need to be a higher layer number?

This is my current setup, and the full screen touch trigger to get to this layout works great, but the back button here isn’t working to take it back to that layout.

Thanks for your reply and screenshot Matt_R.

It is possible to set a background image for the layout, instead of a full screen image. Could you try that and see if the issue is the same?

Also, could you confirm that you are saving the changes in your layout by publishing the layout?
Have you scheduled the layout to a Xibo player for testing? If yes, what player version are you using?

Many Thanks.

I switched them over to background images and it seems like it’s still having the same issue.

I double checked and all of the layouts have been published and the main screen was set as the default layout for the display. Would it be better to schedule it instead? Is it possible to load all of the required layouts onto the player in advance?

The player is a windows player using xibo for windows v4 r402

Hi Matt_R

Please can you create a simple layout for use as your default layout? The default layout is not supposed to be used to display your main events. It is a layout that should be very basic (an image or text for example), designed to be shown when you scheduled layouts encounter an issue, or when the events are finished or not set to play.

On a side note, I remember a previous issue with interactive actions when using the layout as the default. I’d like to see if the issue is the same when you have scheduled the layout to your Xibo for Windows player.

You can “assign” layouts to your players, so that they are downloaded and kept locally on the device, regardless of whether they are scheduled to display. Then when you do create a scheduled event that uses one of the layouts, it will be ready to display immediately. If you make any changes to the layout and publish that, the changes should be automatically downloaded too.