How do i autostart xibo docker launcher on Ubuntu boot

Have a problem to autostart xibo docker launcher when i restart Ubuntu. Have tryd to run a Bash script in init.d that start ./lancher start, but that dosent work on boot just when im logd in and run it manual. So if sam one now how to start Xibo Docker launscher on boot i had bin happy.

You need to apply a restart policy to your containers

docker update --restart=always containername

You can get the container names for your Xibo instances by running

docker ps

Assuming you left all the defaults with launcher, the commands you’d need to run are:

docker update --restart=always xibo-cms-web
docker update --restart=always xibo-cms-xmr
docker update --restart=always xibo-cms-db

Then when Docker starts when your server starts, those containers will start automatically too.

The next release of launcher will do this automatically.

Thanks it works very well now its starting :slight_smile:

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