How do i add audio on xibo which will play in the player?

Hey all, iv’e been trying to set up an audio from media region and i added an audio like music, and after saving it it does’nt play in the preview mode. have i been doing it wrong? or is there something i need to do like setting and stuff?

in advance thanks for helping and for your time.

Currently Audio cannot be previewed in the CMS, however you should find that the Layout when scheduled to a Player does indeed play the Audio.

If you find that the Audio does not play when scheduled for the Player, I would first recommend checking that the operating system and hardware are all up to date. You can also let me know by replying to this message with more information, including the format of the audio.

Many Thanks.

Many thanks for repleying me, i am gonna see and test it after lunch pauze. i will let u know if it worked out. thanks again for helping me.