How can Update Xibo Player via CMS

I found menu Display->Version Information->Set Instructions for Upgrading this client
how can I upload newest Installer file (".msi") for remote update “Xibo Player” by CMS

CMS 1.7.1
Xibo Player 1.7.0 (don’t need to onsite update)

At the moment the upgrade functionality is there in the CMS but not in the released clients.

Shortly Spring Signage customers running Xibo for Android will be able to automatically upgrade the app directly from the CMS if their device is rooted.

We plan to bring similar functionality to Windows but there’s no fixed timeline for that yet.

In terms of how you do it, you go to the Library and upload a Generic File (which would be the APK for Xibo for Android or the MSI for the Windows client) then you go to the Display or Display Group and use the Version Information dialogue to assign it to the client.

I should also say that there are plenty of other options for remote upgrading on Windows (Group Policy deployment, WPKG, SaltStack etc) which don’t exist in the Android ecosystem which is why we’ve targeted that first.

Thank alex,
upload by Generic File accepts only: apk, js, html, htm files

I will try for my Android device first.

Thank you for your help.

As I said it won’t do anything yet.

Once that feature is fully supported there will be proper documentation available.

Sorry bring back this old post.

All my players have the r55 instaled, but I need to update them to r56.

This method that @alex mentioned above will work fine? (all my players are rooted and xibo has rights)

Yeah, please have a look at this article for details, “Auto-update on Rooted Devices” section


Any chance of bringing auto client update for windows ? I see a provision in 1.8 CMS.


In the future maybe. It’s likely to come with the cross-platform Player.

The reason being the Windows Player should be being run as a normal user (ie not an administrator) and so the Player wouldn’t have permissions to automatically upgrade itself.

There are lots of solutions for securely managing software on Windows machines - Group Policy or WPKG spring to mind - so investigating those would be sensible as they would deliver what you want now.

is this done yet alex

hi all has this been done

It is not currently possible to upgrade your Xibo for Windows Player using the CMS.

If you have Team Viewer or another method for remote access, you can upgrade your Windows Player using this instead.

Many Thanks.