How can I turn off the default layout from playing...?

how can I turn off the default layout from playing after any layout scheduled?

Every layout I schedule, the default layout plays after it. Why? I want to use the default layout ONLY if there’s no layout nor campaign scheduled, not alterning with any scheduled layout.
I’m using the default layout that comes with Xibo (the black screen that says Welcome to Xibo) and the scheduled layout is set to loop.

The only thing I want is to shedule layout #1 for example for 1 hour and repeat it for that time only… I don’t want to see the default layout. But the client plays layout#1 + default layout + layout#1 + default one and the same sequence is repeated till the end of the hour and then the layout#1 ends and the default layout is played only, so this way is correct but it’s not correct in the scheduled timeline.

Thank you for your support.

If you go to your Displays page, edit your display → advanced tab → ‘Interleave Default’
is this set to yes?

Is exactly what Interleave default is doing ie adding the default layout to the schedule, without it, it should be as you want it [quote=“Diego, post:1, topic:6148”]
I want to use the default layout ONLY if there’s no layout nor campaign scheduled

That’s exactly the default behaviour.

Great! Peter… that was the point! I don’t know how I could have set that option some day…

By the way, there on the same tab below this option, there are settings vs values, the first one says (in Spanish): Intervalo de recoleccion (i guess it means sth like recolection interval in English) is set to 900… is this the time (in seconds) the player looks for fresh content in the CMS? If yes, how can I set this value to be shorter?

Thank you!!

Great :slight_smile:

As for you new question:

Yup, exactly, player connects to the CMS each collection interval looking for new/updated content/schedule etc.

As for where to change it:
Display settings page → edit display profile assigned to your device → adjust collect interval.

Great! But it will apply to all Windows players…

Yup, if you want different players to have different collection intervals…well you can do it as well.

You’ll need to create new display profile and assigned your device to it.