How can I translate Xibo?


The Xibo CMS is fully translatable so that all items and error messages can be localised. Launchpad is used to manage translations, which can be viewed here: Any modifications to existing translations or new translations must be done in Launchpad to be included in the project.

Translations must be product agnostic, it is not permissible to change the translations in Launchpad to suite your own usage of Xibo, or your own Theme.

Launchpad has a help guide describing how the system works.

Technical Detail

Xibo uses a system called GNU GetText to manage its translations. This system takes English “keys” from the source code and passes them through a set of predefined translations for each language. These predefined translations are stored in “compiled” format in a MO file, and can be found in the /locale folder of the source code.

The keys are defined in the code using the __() syntax and in Twig views using the trans helper.

Translation outside of Launchpad

Launchpad is the “source of truth” when it comes to translations, however it is possible to translate outside of Launchpad, using a tool like POEdit, if this is more convenient.

To do this you should click “Download Translation”, select the languages you want and choose PO format. The resulting PO files can be edited with POEdit and then imported back into Launchpad.

POEdit can produce MO files compatible with the CMS /locale folder, however if your translations are not uploaded back to Launchpad the MO file will be overwritten on next release with one that doesn’t contain your translation.

Player Translations

The Windows Player is only available in English.

The Android player can be translated into another language on request, at the time of writing it supports Spanish, French, Dutch, Brazilian Portuguese and Turkish.

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