How can I extend the trial period

Hello. How can I extend the trial period of a client for an android? I installed the server, installed the client, but I could not test it. More urgent tasks arrived and I did not have time. 14 days of free testing is over, I would have another 14 days license, if possible, because We plan to purchase about 50 customers for the company. Please tell me how to do this without reinstalling the xibo server. Thank you.

As I believe already told you via support ticket with us.

We can’t reset the trial licence, it’s built-in in the application, you can install it on another android device or purchase a licence, if that’s not possible for you at the moment, then please send us an email in your support ticket and perhaps we can find a way to help you test it on your current device.

Best and easiest way to do it is to go to
give them what 20 bucks.i mean thats ridiculously cheap price for what your getting.

then you can use it all you want. i mean i dump that every time i go outside my house.