HLS video not playing (black screen) in Windows clients

We originally had a TV stream being output as rtp. We used html code to play this rtp stream using the vlc plugin. This was fine although I would come in to the office the next day to find the player was not outputting the sound from the stream.

I looked at using HLS to avoid any problem with the embedded vlc plugin. The HLS stream works fine in VLC on the players but it shows a black screen when playing the layout.

The HLS stream is coming from a windows-based web server on the same VLAN as our linux CMS and Windows 10 players.

I have updated the players and the CMS to the latest version and had no change in result.

I assume that’s 1.8.10?

Could you confirm if it’s docker or manual installation?

Do you see any errors on the players status windows when it attempts to play the HLS?

It is 1.8.10, yes. I’m using the xibo-docker installation.
Are you referring to the logs in the cms or pressing the info shortcut on the players?

Both actually.

When you press ‘i’ while player has focus, I’d expect to see some information about the problem.
CMS also should have logs from the CMS about it.

in general, as far as I know, I’d expect HLS to work fine in 1.8.10

I’ve just created a layout with only the hls stream set. The information and status screen shows ‘new media detected hls’ and ‘creating new media: hls, 198’. The next log after that is ‘XML configuration for [UseCefWebBrowser] which this player doesn’t understand.’

If I right click on the region on the player and select copy URL I get this: blob:97D16014-F0A9-445A-B713-5A2DDE27C901

Not seeing any error logs on the CMS except that XMR is not set.