High CPU usage when using external website with videos


when I trying to include a external website to the Xibo player, the CPU usage is going to 100%. Therefore the content is not running very smooth. The same content on the same hardware by using an browser e.g. Chrome is only using amount 20%. Is there an explanation for this issue?

The external website has different types of media included (pictures, YouTube video etc.)

Player hardware: Intel Atom Z8350 with 2GB Ram running on Windows 10 Software the latest Xibo player

Thanks in advanced

It’s possible that it is IE issue then (xibo will use IE to open webpages), however PC with W10 and only 2G ram may have various memory issues, I don’t think I’d expect the CPU to be at 100% usage though.

1.8 series players do not support CEF, as we weren’t happy with that implementation, that being said in this particular case it might be worth a try to check 1.7.9 player with CEF enabled (in display profile) and see if it will be better at playing this webpage.