Help With Installation

Could I have some help setting up xibo running on a windows 10 machine with xampp.
I can get onto the web interface but I am having issues editing the php.ini file using notepad++.

It is asking me to enable the SOAP Extension, Mcrypt Extension and I cannot find any of theme anywhere!

Also Im running version 7.2.1 and its got a X next to it for some reason?

Are you able to help me edit the file or can you do it on my behalf and send it to me please as I am now starting to get a little annoyed with it now lol.

Thank you!


  1. Search ph.ini file -->xampp\php\php.ini
  2. Open php.ini
  3. Search extensions
  4. Uncomment
  5. Restart apache service.

Thanks, Found the soap one now!
Its still the PHP version 7.2.1 which my pc is running and its still got X!
Mcrypt I still cannot find!


I’m hoping you have a reason for not going the route of a Docker install, it’s super easy, 5-10 minutes max.

How do i run the docker?!
Is there another thing I need to install?

All documentation for Docker install on Windows 10 can be found here: