HELP Video Wall 4x2

Hello Dan,
I need support in setting up MINIX X5 Mini for 4x2 Video Wall.
The idea is to create a resolution and layout with 8 regions where I can put a video on each screen using a single player.
It is possible?

The X5mini can only output 720p or 1080p as far as I’m aware so neither resolution would be suitable to scale to a 4x2 video wall.

You could do a 2x2 video wall, but keep in mind you’ll be taking a single 1080p image and scaling it to 3480x2160 pixels. Your matrix scaler vendor should be able to give you some idea of what the quality of that will be like I would imagine.

Sorry to be gloomy, but a single player will not be able to decode 8 videos at the same time - most players can only do 1 and a few can do 2.

They just aren’t powerful enough for that - in fact many PC’s aren’t either.

Hello Alex,

Unfortunately this client already has the whole structure of 4x2, there is nothing I can do to change that. I would like an alternative to all the resolution process, layout and regions for this to work.

Dan, if there is no possibility of using the android, I could ride a PC windows to support this process. What I need is support to make it work in Xibo.

My advice would be to contact several hardware vendors to see who can do a piece of hardware capable of decoding 8 videos simultaneously, on an extended desktop (windows) or at a 4k resolution with matrix scaler.

You should keep in mind that you’ll be trying to drive 7680 x 2160, which is a lot for a graphics card to do (or you could upscale 3840 x 1080).

In either case, your next port of call is a hardware vendor that can cater for that

Dan, thanks.

My question is not about performance, can work with videos in low resolution. My question is how to layout / resolution and regions in Xibo.

You’d add a resolution for the entire coverage (depending on the hardware solution) and add your regions on the layout to correspond with the segments of the screen

Hardware that have at the moment is the Minix X5 Mini (1920x1080)

I have 8 super wide screen (21: 9)

My project has a video wall of 4x2. Would like to know the possibilities to
operate in Xibo the sending of a single programmer layout / scheduled with
the 8 regions, linking a region on each screen.

The problem is that I can not put a player on screen, it would remove the
project to the client. So I’m looking for alternatives we can with a single
player viable operation.

I’m not holding me to use the Minix X5 Mini, could be another equipamenento
android or windows.

Xibo will let you make a super-large layout and have 8 regions on it, based on the resolution of your screen, however you choose to configure it.

I don’t think you will find a piece of hardware capable of extending a desktop over 8 screens and playing 8 videos at the same time. The Minix certainly won’t do it and I am not aware of any other device that will do it. You could investigate getting a 2 screen system configured and then use a matrix scaler to blow it up to 4x2, but I am sure you’d be looking at a Windows PC.

These decisions don’t really effect the Xibo side - as long as you know the resolution and as long as the player can play across the same area on the hardware, then Xibo can send a Layout to it

We built a custom PC that allows us to output to 9 screens, showing full 1080p videos on each is a breeze
it also allows us to go full screen with a single video if required

I guess that was a windows PC? I can see how that would work - multiple graphics cards, etc?

Yes, We used 3x gtx 970s with Windows os
Set them as extended desktop mode and forced Xibo to span the full resolution of the wall - working perfectly so far.


Fantastic - the result looks amazing!