Help for Autorisation in Xibo

Hi everyody,

i’m french men, i use Xibo for my work but i don’t understand all about Xibo, someone can explain me for “authorised” an computer?

I use Xibo 1.8.1

Thanks for help

When you connect a new display to the CMS, it will show you a message that it was added to the CMS, but need to be authorised by the administrator.

Which in this case means by you, please log in to your CMS, navigate to Displays page -> Edit your display -> Change’ Authorise Display?’ to Yes.

Here you can find the instructions with screenshots Installation Guide
The guide is for android, but it’s the same logic for windows client in the CMS itself.
The screenshot in this guide is from 1.7 series, so it’s says ‘Licence display?’ instead of ‘Authorise display’, but functionally it’s the same.

Thank’s did you have an skype or email because i have question ^^

Xibo community site is the best place to ask Xibo related questions.

It’s quite possible that you will find answers to many of your questions here in FAQ/Guides sections or other topics created by other users.

If not, please create a new topic and ask your questions describing your problems as good as you can.