Help! Blank display instead of default layout

Have created a new system with CMS running in Docker for Windows.

Two Windows clients, one on the same machine one on a different machine. Both connect successfully to CMS but display a blank screen instead of the standard Xibo Default.

If I look at the information screen on the player:

I can see that the player is not downloading most of the content files.

Why is this? Firewall is off on both machines and both web and XMR connections are OK.

Could you please navigate to the Modules page in CMS then click the ‘Verify all’ button there please.

Once you do that, please restart your players and see if they start downloading the content.

If not, please let us know, then we will continue to troubleshoot this issue with you.

Yes that does seem to have fixed it thanks. I will carry on setting up our
layouts just to confirm.


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