H265 RTSP Streaming on Windows 10 Client

Before completing please check that the time, date and timezone have been correctly set on the device running the Player.

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Please describe in detail the issue you are experiencing, including any errors shown on the Player Status page or in the Logs section of the CMS.

No errors showing in the log, trying to play an RTSP stream on a windows client. The client screen is just black. The RTSP stream was added to the CMS via HLS, and I have also tried local video, but that throws an error similar to seen here (No Video Windows Home 10 N)

Windows 10 Education is installed and has both Klite and VLC player installed. VLC can play the stream without any problems. The cameras all stream in h265. Also, we have the h265 codec installed on the clients.

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The HLS widget requires an HLS format stream. RTSP is not HLS - they are very different, and that isn’t expected to work.

RTSP is not supported on the Windows Player, and so is not expected to work. See https://xibo.org.uk/cms

There’s a table at the bottom of the page that shows you what is supported on each Player type.

Thanks Alex. Are there plans to support RTSP within the windows player? I know some work has been done on the player recently, and the whitelist feature is great as it means we autologin on specific sites, we’ve also noticed that we can use layers and put tickers on top of videos now. Adding RTSP would be really helpful.

The video element we use doesn’t support it, so it’s not possible for us to add that at the present time I’m afraid.

That’s such a shame. we’re trying to display a stream from a couple of IP cameras we have here, and as we have Xibo running across our site, thought it would be a great solution to implement it with. As we’re a school, thought this would be a great way of showing the children current projects, and the office/Site Team the CCTV feeds.

I believe VLC can ingest an RTSP feed and output HLS, so you could use that to go between perhaps?

We have a number of external cameras, so not sure if VLC could handle multiple streams. Is it likely that v3 or 3.1 might support this in windows?

There’s no plans to add it at present, as it would be in effect a complete new video playback engine to support it.

Double check your camera config if it outputs the correct codec.
Also test in Windows media player. If it works in windows media player, 99% chance it will work in the player.

I have already added several Axis cameras and Bosch cameras to several layouts.

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