Group cant schedule layout but user can

Hi ill go straight to the issue

I have a USER-A that belongs to GROUP-A and GROUP-B. GROUP-A has more permissions that GROUP-B but both has permissions to the screens. USER-A cant schedule a layout if i dont gove permisssions specifically for him for a screen even tho the groups he belongs to has permissions to schedule layouts. I would like to solve this as i want to work with groups of users rather than giving permissions for individual users. Can this be done?

Any Permissions a User Group has are passed down to the Users who are a member of that Group. If a User Group Has Permission to view a Display and a Layout, as long as the User has been granted access to the Schedule Page in their Page Security settings, they will be able to create an Event with the Display and Layout that the Group has permissions set for.

There is currently a bug that stops the Displays from appearing in the Schedule Event window, for a User who is part of a User Group with the necessary permissions. I have included the report below.

Applying the commit should resolve the issue.

Many Thanks.