Granularize Display Permissions

I am attempting to provide Recent Log, and Media Inventory access for clients to my remote users, but I do not want to allow them access to the edit menu for the client. Users may have access to the Media Inventory without access to edit the client, but they do not have access to the Recent Log unless they are able to edit the client. This seems a bit skewed since the recent log has nothing to do with actually editing the Display properties.

Yeah, so you’re correct, perhaps you could work around it and give that user access to logs page?
There user can filter logs by display.

Any possibility of you guys handling this issue in 1.8, or another release? If I have to write it I am going to create one that forgoes the use of Xibo, and will replace the need for my Xibo android licensing with them. The “Yeah so” post… wow. Is that “Yeah, so what”, or “Yeah, so we didn’t think of that”, or just “Yeah, blow it out your back side”… At any rate it seems a bit belligerent. I am looking for solutions, and since this is your product I would imagine that you could provide a solution other than the “Yeah so… dive in the code” response with no clues for where someone might do that.

We don’t intend to make recent log available with just View permissions, but I’ll give you a solution for that.

I’m not certain what exactly you’d want to do, but that will not be necessary, thus no reason to talk about it.

Please see this line of code

As you can see, the recent log does require edit permissions, but there is nothing stopping you to change that in your own CMS.

Regarding your edited last part of the post, my apologies if I offended you.
Hopefully you will find this reply a bit better and helpful.

Peter, it was a terrible day for me. I apologize for getting snarky with you. You hit a nerve and I should not have responded that way to you.