Grafana Histograms Won't Display

We have a single screen set up using Client ver 1.7.9 code 113. I’m using Grafana to display some histograms. The Grafana line plots come in fine, the histograms are blank. When we view this in the preview or on any Chrome browser it renders fine. The line plots and histograms are from the same data source.

In preview

On screen:

hm interesting.

Do you have IE11 installed on the device with Xibo for Windows?

If yes, could you check if you have correct entries in Windows registry regarding browser emulation?
Enabling HTML5 in the Windows .net Player

1.7.8/1.7.9 players should make those changes during installation.

If no, then please install IE11 and make those registry changes.

Finally is it publicly accessible? ie could you give me the source of it / your exported layout so we can test it in our office? (if yes, send my a pm please)

Hi Peter, unfortunately it’s not public so I can’t share it. Maybe there’s a public instance of Grafana somewhere that I can leverage to try the same plugin. But if there are any logs or anything that I can share let me know. It’s very odd that it works ok in the simulator but not in the client.

Is Xibo dependent on IE11? I thought it used Webkit… We’ve been testing all of our webpages in Chrome.

Yeah, client will use IE (with IE version set in browser emulation in windows registry).
So IE11 and that registry entry could be essential here.

There seems to be quite a lot of sharing options -
Perhaps the iframe in embedded html module in Xibo would work better - I’m guessing here, personally I haven’t use grafana, but I think you could try that.

As for logs, you can check player status window (press ‘i’ on your keyboard to show it) or collect more detailed player log - How to get a Windows Player log for advanced debugging

Thanks… if that doesn’t work is the CEF option stable yet?

Honestly, I’m amazed the pages we’re displaying work as well as they do in IE… CEF support will be welcome :slight_smile:

CEF was/is in experimental/beta stage and will not be further developed, we were never happy with the implementation of it.

Getting CEF to a point where its stable would be akin to writing a new player application, which is something we’d like to focus on instead. New cross platform player will be introduced in 1.9 series.

Ok thanks… looks like the issue is on the Grafana histogram plug in end. I tested it in IE11 and it didn’t display correctly there either. Seems no one tests their websites in IE anymore :stuck_out_tongue:

Is the preview in CMS driven by webkit or by IE? Is there a beta of 1.9 available?