GPS traffic error positioning

Boa noite,

Today I tested the functionality of the Xibo Transit module.

Unfortunately there is an error in the positioning calculation according to Latitude and Longitude.

See the example below,
New York

When setting the coordinates in the module, see the result:

I wonder if there is interest in financial support to improve usability. I think reporting the address instead of the coordinates is more appropriate.

Both the Weather Forecast and Transit modules and Player Localization could benefit …

Usability Reference:

the module setting is for the client.
does this same location show up when the module is played on the client?
in the editor window the preview pulls from the CMS coordinates. located in settings.displays

check that location and put those coordinates in and the preview should show your location.

Hello … Good evening.

I did not analyze the result in the player, basically I tested it by the layout designer. Placing as coordinates in the Traffic widget, the result in the layout designer is wrong,

In the editor window the preview pulls from the CMS coordinates.

This information is not correct, the designer layout is using the parameters of the screen, it is only rendering with a significant displacement in LATITUDE.

after testing. you are correct in that if you enter the GPS lon/lat it uses that as the setting.
sorry, i haven’t done that before.
what version server are you using?
i entered your settings and it worked fine

Hello BinarySigns, good night.

First you do not have to apologize, you tried to help, I thank you. I just corrected information that passed on the operation of the Traffic module.

CMS 1.8.2 running on Windows Server PHP 5.6.30 + IIS 7.5
CMS 1.8.2 and 1.7.9 are running perfectly, several CMSs on this server.
XMR, XTR, everything ok …

From the tests I did, I noticed a shift of about 3 degrees in Latitude

try clearing cache
if that doesn’t work
I would try it in another browser type.
i have 3 servers running. i have tested on all and it works fine here. ( 1 windows xamp and 2 ubuntu apache)

I do not think it’s a cache issue, because by switching to other coordinates the problem continues, a small significant deviation from the central position of the map.

Can I export the layout for you to test?

So we could confirm if it is a bug or configuration.

Google Maps:

Layout Designer using same Lat and Long and Alt.

Layout Export download

Player R102 Android (internet connection OK, access by Teamviewer)

Windows Player And Android Player have the same problem. They load the map according to the position in the layout designer and then display the error message.

hmm, in my servers i get

Not sure whats going on there.
BtW are you moving your screen 0.7125 over?
i see that in your setup

here is a link to my dupe

here is whats in your file

<layout width="1920" height="1080" bgcolor="#000000" schemaVersion="3"><region id="93" width="1920.0000" height="1080.0000" top="0.0000" left="0.7125"><options/><media id="138" type="googletraffic" render="html" duration="30" useDuration="1"><options><latitude>40.7143528</latitude><longitude>-74.0059731</longitude><name>New York</name><useDisplayLocation>0</useDisplayLocation><zoom>10</zoom></options><raw/></media></region><tags/></layout>

heres mine

"<layout width="1920" height="1080" bgcolor="#000" schemaVersion="3"><region id="2122" width="1920.0000" height="1080.0000" top="0.0000" left="0.0000"><options/><media id="2218" type="googletraffic" render="html" duration="5" useDuration="0"><options><latitude>40.7143528</latitude><longitude>-74.0059731</longitude><useDisplayLocation>0</useDisplayLocation><zoom>12</zoom></options><raw/></media></region><tags/></layout>"

other than that left=0.7125 i cant find anything that might move things around

Hello … Good evening. On the Left = 0.7125, the Layout region was slightly offset to Left. I made the adjustment, but this is not related to the bug, the positioning error continues.

Your Layout designer presented correctly, may be related to the environment. I’ll import your layout to test.

Without making any changes to YOUR layout, see that the image is different:

Unfortunately it should be something related to server configuration, language / server , php, something is wrong and I have no idea what can be …

regardless, it would probably play in player just fine as all the data in the layout seems fine to me. and it loaded fine on my client as well (windows)

i still recommend clearing your cache in browser. i have seen this cause all kinds of issues with xibo.
if you don’t want to do that, grab another “fresh” computer.

Hello, I finally found what is causing the problem.

If you make the following change you may have the same BUG that I had.

Settings >> Display >> Default Latitude = 0
Settings >> Display >> Default Longitude = 0

With these settings you will get the map shift error.

I was able to identify what impacted the presentation on the designer.
But I still can not identify what is causing error in the display in the Player (Windows and Android).
At least we already know that we need to adjust the code to fix the Default (Lat and Long) bug…

Not sure why would you want to set those values, either in CMS settings or on the display themselves to 0, and not set it to something meaningful.

That being said, I’m not sure why would that affect google traffic widget, since you’re not using Display Location in it, you’re proving the coordinates instead.

Although I can confirm that it does indeed affect it - both player and the preview in CMS, which seems like a bug to me - we will look into it.

For now, you can either set the correct default values there or if you remove the 0 and save&refresh it should set the default values that are set during installation.

Hi Peter, good morning.

I am only performing integrated tests, that is, looking for inconsistencies.
This type of test helps to improve the quality of the product and obviously decrease the number of tickets.
I am happy to contribute and have highlighted the problem.

Rest assured that you obviously adjusted the value to avoid the bug.

Sure, it’s hard to think of not to mention to cover every possible validation logic, I’ve created a bug report for it, we will certainly fix that in some way in the next release.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention.