Got an Error "The Request failed with HTTP status 404:Not Found."

When i open xibo client and entering the CMS address, key and Local library and after saving the configuration i have got an Error “The Request failed with HTTP status 404:Not Found.”

I assume this is self hosted CMS, could you please tell us what cms version are you using and to what cms address were you trying to connect to?

thanks for valuable input, yes you right it’s self hosted CMS & as of now i am using CMS 1.7.9 Version and i have tried to connect

Right, so that’s a localhost ip address, it should work if the xibo client is installed on the same PC as the CMS.

If the client is installed on different PC, then you’ll want to configure your server to listen to all connections (and not only localhost) then on PC with xibo client use the ip address of the server (PC with CMS installed) to connect to it.

You might need to add exception in windows firewall as well (or disable it).

Server and client are installed on the same PC but issue is still persist.
(Error 404).

if you have any idea please let me know.

Also I am using the XAMPP application for mySQL and Apache.

try to add “web” in the http://localhost/xibo look like this, http://localhost/xibo/web

/web should not be in the URL, please do read this page -

Most likely you will need to change the document root path.