Google Traffic - not working properly

Im trying to get Google Traffic working - I’ve added my API key and ran some successful runs with the preview.

Now im loading it up to the player (Windows based, both 1.8.1 and 1.8.2) but this doesn’t show the traffic map.

Not sure whats wrong, as in the preview it was working just fine.

Please ensure you have the registry keys described here in place:

The 1.8 Player installer has a bug (which will be fixed in 1.8.3) that puts them in the wrong location in some scenarios.

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I’ve set the reg keys as you mentioned, but it seems not to fix the issue so far.

Did reboot the machine in question, but no luck so far.

Hmm - After some time it started - all of the sudden - to work on my test bench.
Ill retry on the production machines.

Another update - it started to work at my test bench, and so it stopped. It seems to work sometimes but rather more often it does not. The same behavior is going on on our production client.

In the player library will be an html file which is the Google Traffic widget. Check that runs in IE11 on your machine, and that it contains your API key as expected.

All there - it seems to refuse to load 8/10 times, then all of the sudden loads find on the player side.

On the test file it seems to run fine.

All the Player does is show that html file.

If it works reliably from the HTML file, then I’d suggest those registry keys aren’t configured correctly. The installer does add them, but in the wrong place, so worth checking carefully.

Also if you’ve renamed the exe file for example, then the key entry needs to be adjusted.

Finally check that the traffic widget is being shown for a good amount of time. It can take a few seconds to load, so if you’re only showing it for 5 seconds then potentially it may never load before it’s removed again.

REG keys are there - doubel/triple checked. exe not renamed, and its being showed for 45 seconds.
Ill see what happens if i narrow the area shown. Perhaps its a bandwidth issue