Google calendar API integration requires OAuth2 popup

Hello all, this is my very first post in this community.

I have encountered the following challenge:

i would like to show google Calendar events in my layout, therefore i use the google Javascript quickstart code. (

So far i have been able to make the authentication work in the preview of the layout designer. But when i try to view the layout on a Xibo client authentication is not possible because the authentication window from Google will not show.

Things i have tried

  • I sniffed my client PC HTTP traffic and the correct call has been made. by the client.
  • I opened different browsers on the client PC, went to the CMS preview, authenticated and tested if the client would somehow remember the authentication.

Has anyone encountered this before? is there a solution for this particular situation? if so i would like to know.

I don’t think we’ve tried that, but as far as I know you should be able to show google calendar in an embed html module in Xibo.

You will only need to share it publicly and use correct embed link.

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i need to show the calendar on my display, so far i haven’t be able to do it, but seems like its possible.
is there any link for instructions.

The easiest way is to set the calendar to public and then put the iframe google provides in embedded html module in Xibo.

Google instructions regarding getting the iframe and setting calendar to public -

The iframe code you get from google can be customised as well

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